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We produce all of our chocolates by hand, however all of our equipment used, is the same for all chocolates.  The kitchen that we use, is the same kitchen we use for all products.  Any of our products may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, milk, or eggs.


We are not a nut free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free facility.


We do adhere to strict sanitizing and cleaning procedures, however if you have a serious allergy, your consumption is at your own risk.  We are able to offer "no added", but that does not guarantee it is "free of".

All chocolate and product packaging include a list of ingredients and allergens.  

As our products "may contain" traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, milk or egg products, we voluntarily state that on our website so you, our valued customers, are aware there is a risk of cross contamination.  

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