Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

Can I phone in an order?

No, sorry.  For ease of ordering, identity and privacy issues, we ask that you order through our online store.

If you have a specific question, or for large orders, please use the CONTACT form and we will get back to you quickly.

Choosing your shipping method.

We utilize Canada Post and FedEx for our shipping.  We offer a range of delivery options from 2 days to 14 day deliveries.  Please note that those living in areas that are considered remote, or are not major cities and towns, may experience longer shipping times.  Please choose an appropriate shipping time when placing your order.

Canada Post offers shipments to more remote areas, but timelines will be longer.  Shipments are estimated in business days from Canada Post website and from Fedex websites.


Please understand that once the parcel leaves, how it is handled is beyond our control.  We try to ensure that is it secure in it's little shipping environment, but external factors may play a negative role.  

Extreme temperatures can also be unkind to our happy little packages.  We do our best to protect them, but at times, things can happen.

When will my order ship?

Subscription and membership orders will commence on the month following the initial order.  ie If you ordered in October, the first delivery would be November.

For store orders, it will vary.  We are an order based business.  We require a specific number of orders before we produce them to ensure freshness.  The longest turn around time is estimated to be 7-10 business days.

What are your payment options?

We offer payment by Credit Card.  Memberships and subscriptions are only payable by credit card. 

For store orders,  if you would prefer to pay by Etransfer, please use the Etransfer address provided upon checkout.  If you have any questions, please feel free to use the CONTACT form.

Do you offer international shipping?

For shipping out of the listed areas, please use the contact form.  We would be happy to go over your options with you.  To help us answer your question, please include the product you would like to order and the shipping address so we may provide you with a reasonable estimate.

Do you do wedding or custom orders?

Yes!  We would love to supply you with your special occasion treats.  Please use the contact form provided on our web page.  *Note*  Minimum order size will apply, and we do require a minimum of 6 weeks pre-event heads up.

I have a nut (or other) allergy.

We are not a nut free facility.  However, we can do orders that include chocolates with no added nuts. 

For any questions about nuts or any other allergies, please use the CONTACT form.  We would be more than happy to try and work with you so you can enjoy our products safely.

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